Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What goes around...

Today was another beautiful, sunny day here in the mountains.  The kids and I went outside to enjoy the warmth.  I was working on laying out the garden we are hoping to plant soon.  While I was shoveling away, I heard the sweetest sound.  Cecely and Titus were laughing uncontrollably.  I stopped working to watch them.  Cecely was pushing and Titus was pulling their wagon up the hill in our front yard.  They loaded up, Titus in the front and Cecely in the back.  Titus was holding the handle and Cecely put her hands on the ground and shoved off.  The kids in their green wagon zoomed down the hill.  It was so funny to watch, and they were having a great time.

When I was younger, my siblings and I used to do the same thing.  GrandBonnie lived across the road from us.  She had a steep hill that led from her house to the land she owned below.  I distinctly remember the 4 of us making that ride in our red wagon.  Usually Tyler and I would load up, then Andrea and Timothy.  GrandBonnie had cushions from an old couch, and we would lay them down on the ground and literally crash into them.  I remember it being the scariest, most thrilling, and probably the dumbest thing we did.  But, we had a blast, and it definitely left an impression on my mind.

I look at Cecely and Titus and wander what other crazy things they will do that my brothers and sister and I did.  We used to play for hours outside.  We would use wooden pallets that our Daddy had saved for some reason.  We would "build" with them and pretend we were everyone from the Boxcar Children living in a train to the Vanderbilts living in the Biltmore House.  We would ride bikes all over our yard and up and down the road.  We would play kickball and softball in the front yard.  Oh, and we would run and swing like crazy on the "Rodo-rider" which was this INSANE contraption a man from our church helped our Daddy build.  This think was basically metal pipes with 4 tire swings hanging from it...kind of like a propeller, but concreted into the ground.  We would take turns and 2 of us would run, while the other 2 swung around.  Again, crazy but so much fun!

I hope that Cecely and Titus are able to stand the test of time.  My siblings and I grew up spending so much time playing together.  Even as we were older, we would go to movies together, play board games for hours, and just have fun being together.  Of course, time has changed our lives.  The 4 of us are spread all over the place and live very different lives.  We aren't able to spend time together.  At times, it is hard to even stay in communication with each other.  Regardless of how our lives are now, I will forever cherish the memories the 4 of us made.  I will hope that one day, the 4 of us are able to spend time together again.  And, I pray that my children will not let the stresses of life and the changing of relationships tear apart their relationship.

Right now, Cecely and Titus are the best of friends...and I am going to enjoy every moment of that!

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