Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I started college right out of high school.  I attended Mars Hill College and did 2 years worth of classes in 3 semesters.  I loved school...the learning part, I did not like living at college, and I never really fit in to the college scene.  When Mark joined the Navy, I dropped out of college and married him.  We moved around for several years, and I never had enough time in one spot to enroll again (this was pre-online classes).  Then, I had Cecely and Titus.  Once Titus became a little more independent, I started online classes, with great skepticism.  Thankfully, I was wrong.  I have really learned so much in the classes I have participated in.

Now, in 6 weeks, my college quest will finally be over.  I hope to one day get my Master's, but that is not financially possible right now...  I spend so much time righting papers, reading text books, and doing homework.  I cannot imagine what it will feel like to have time in the evenings to read a book for leisure or to play with the kids, and not have a research paper in the back of my mind.  I absolutely, positively cannot believe how close I am.

I know I wouldn't be reaching this milestone without some wonderful support.  My parents have helped out with the kids when I have had daunting papers to write.  My friends have helped me develop research ideas and have given me plenty of discussion and feedback.  I am so grateful for the support of those people!

6 weeks...WOOO HOOOOO!

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