Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eternal Perspective...

I love that term, eternal perspective.  I heard Ken Ham use it at a conference I was at not too long ago.  He was speaking to parents and said, "You're children will live forever.  But, where will they be living?"  I love that.  It really placed a new perspective in my heart and mind.

Once I listened to a sermon on heaven.  It was so encouraging.  The pastor talked about there is no hope with any other religion.  There's no encouragement for what is to come.  Christians can put their hope in Christ, and have faith that He will carry us through this existence on Earth to our eternal home in Heaven.  I love that!

This world is so corrupt with evil and selfishness.  And there isn't a rating system for the evil.  Sin is sin, whether it be murder, adultery, wicked thoughts, lying, gossip, whatever.  And, we are all guilty of sin.  Thankfully, God sent His Son to wipe away that sin.  We can all be redeemed.

I am an actions, not words kind of person.  God not only told the world he loved us all, He showed us with the ultimate gift of the birth of Jesus, and the ultimate sacrifice with the death of Jesus.  In my life, I want people to know I'm changed, saved, and redeemed because of my actions, not just my words.  I think it is important to show people God's love by acting as much like Christ as possible.  I know I am not capable to being Christ-like.  I know that I sin and fall short of His standards everyday.  But, I do know that He has blessed me with gifts that help me share His love.

On Earth, there are going to be people in life who refuse to see God's work in you.  There are people who dwell on the negative, who are self-centered, who say one thing, but show another.  God loves them.  And, I can love them, but I can also choose to remove myself from them, in order to strengthen my walk with Christ and not let the toxic people bring me down or cause me to become angry.

The promise of Heaven, using that eternal perspective, is what helps me not to dwell on the insignificance here.  Knowing that when I die, or when Jesus comes back for me, that I will be in a place where I will be able to sing and rejoice to no end is overwhelmingly encouraging.  Knowing that I will see those who have gone on before Daddy, my Grandmama, 2 babies, countless other friends and family.  Knowing I will have the chance to hear the stories of the Old Testament from the people who lived them...what a concept!  Knowing that I will every day for eternity be in the presence of the One who saved me from my sin and from my's impossible to comprehend.

So, I am going to try to live each day with an eternal perspective.  I'm going to focus on  my children.  I am going to continue to invest in the lives of others who are investing in my family and my life.  I am going to let the little things go.  I'm going to stop worrying about whether everyone likes me.  I am going to remove myself from relationships that are not healthy, and focus on the ones that are.  I am going to live my life showing others the love of God.

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