Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fantastical Reality

Is there anyway to have a combination of fantasy with reality? 

When it comes to my children, I really want to instill in them a childhood full of wonderful memories.  I want them to look back when they are older and remember the experiences.  In essence, I want them to have a lot of fantasy in their upbringing.  All of the things I do and plan for Cecely and Titus is for them to remember having an eventful and happy childhood. 

When I work with other children, I want to give them that same sense of wonder and fantasy.  That's why I love children's books.  I love to read stories that I can share that give children the hope that anything is possible, that anything is possible.  Whatever story I read, I try to follow up with an art activity or something that will let the kids use their imagination.  I want my children, and the other ones I get to work with, to be able to incorporate fantasy into their real life.  That's why we have imaginations!

This is also probably why I am obsessed with children's books and all things Disney.  I love that innocence, imagination, and happiness reign supreme in these things.  I love getting lost in stories that weave together real life and the fantastic.  As far as Disney, as soon as I see the sign of the Disney property, I tear up...which is funny, given there is little I cry over.  There is something about being in a "World" that encourages the child in everyone to come out and have fun.  My rule for Disney, no grown up's all about having fun and remembering when life was simpler.

As an adult, I know that real life is dominate.  I am very much a realist and a cynic.  Maybe that's why I like's an escape from the monotony of adulthood.  While I understand how important it is to be an adult, behave like an adult, and handle things in an adult fashion, I wish there was a way to combine a little of the fantasy into day to day life.

Why can't grown ups let go, be honest, and be happy?  Why do we get so weighed down with the rituals of life?  Why do we forget to take time and find the simple happiness around us?  Why do we stop showing the ones that we love that we care about them?  Why do we stop sharing little signs and tokens of love and appreciation?  Life is so difficult, but we choose to make it more so by completely forgetting the fantasy and imagination that children still encompass.

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