Friday, April 8, 2011

Romantic Comedies are the Demise of our Culture

I know that's a lengthy title, but it's just something that I have been thinking about.  I am an avid movie watcher.  I love the movies.  I love going to a theater, sitting in a comfy seat, and becoming immersed in the story of someone else.  I do the same thing with books...I lose focus on reality and submit to the life and times of another person.  It's an escape for that I used to think was pretty safe.

When I watch movies, I tend to stay involved in the Science-Fiction, Historical, Action, Comedy and Documentary genres.  I try to avoid Romantic Comedies, unless they are really funny.  However, recently, I have become sucked into a whirlpool of mushy, sentimental, nauseating crud.  For some reason, these movies make big bucks.  But what are the positive repercussions of this genre? 

For starters, guys in real life are absolutely never like the guys in the movies.  The guys in the movies aren't even like the guys in the movies.  They are reciting the lines they have memorized from a writer, who was probably a woman.  Do guys ever say, "You are stunning", "You are so beautiful, I have to whisk you away right now", or "I am lucky to have you in my life"...  The problem is, we watch these movies, are emotions get manipulated, and we become upset because real life is not like a movie.

I am guilty of wishing that men did say these things.  I wish that they would stand up for the women they love.  I wish they would do those little things that make a woman feel like a million dollars.

All I can do, in reality, is try to be a lady worthy of having...I am not going to have the knock-out gorgeous looks of an actress, but I can encourage, cook, clean, rear children, and try to be romantic.  Oh, but I will have to stay away from the lovey-dovey, ooey-gooey, mushy-gushy movies that paint such an unrealistic portrait of married life. 

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