Saturday, May 7, 2011

Unanswerable Questions...

I think we all struggle with times when we want answers to questions that we are not going to get on this side of heaven.  Every time I hear or read about a child being hurt, taken advantage of, or worse, I ask how could God let this happen?  When a dear life is lost I fight to see the reason behind it.  When I know people are hurting in ways that could be relieved if they could just obtain that piece they are missing, I wonder why God keeps that piece away?  When I know there are people who continually take advantage of others and intentionally cause pain in the lives of other, I wonder why they "seem" to get everything they want. 

In reality, I know these are not questions that I can answer, or that anyone here on Earth can answer for me.  I know that it really isn't mine to question these things.  But, often, my humanity overrules my spirituality, and I really battle with these kinds of questions...I feel that most people do. 

I am well-versed in the Scriptures, and believe God's Word to be true.  I know that He loves me and everyone else, and that He has a plan that I cannot even begin to conceive.  He is God, I am not.  He is sovereign, I am very ignorant.  He is loving, I am inconsistent.  In all my heart knowledge of who God is, my head knowledge still searches for answers, or at least peace.

I continue to be heartbroken over those who are hurting.  I try to think of things I can do to ease their pain...but I know my help is temporary.  I still struggle with anger over the seeming injustice of those who live life all about self.  What a sad existence. 

My hope is that I can rise above the humanness of me, remember that I am a screwed-up mess of a person, and be thankful that God is in control and I am not.  Grace has always been my creed, but currently, I am wanting to be selective about who I extend grace to...that is not at all God's plan for me.  I have a gift of grace and encouragement, and I am going to pour those gifts into the ones I love.

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