Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Growing Up...

This year, I turned 30, and what an experience that has been.  I have found that hitting this milestone has brought changes in me.  For starters, I have never been a person who is quick to forgive.  Even when I do forgive, I have a hard time letting go of the other emotions that surround forgiveness.  But, as I've grown up, I have had an easier time forgiving, and am learning to harness the other feelings.  I have always tried to be a peacemaker or peacekeeper, and that has often led to me ending up in precarious situations.  Since I have hit 30, I have felt more empowered to stand up for myself and to do what I have to for my children.  I have never been one to think I'm above others...usually, I am one of the first to speak up about things I have done wrong.  It rattles me that some people just want to dwell on the past or bring up past issues that have already been resolved.  What does that accomplish?  I have always tried to be transparent, but that often is accompanied by judgement.  But, you know what, let people judge me all they want...I don't answer to them.  

Everyone changes as they grow up.  Unfortunately, this sometimes makes relationships difficult.  While everyone is changing and growing, they are not necessarily changing and growing together in the same ways.  There are relationships that existed years ago, in a different stage of life, that worked.  But, as everyone becomes more self-aware and more developed, some relationships can't survive the change.  And, that's ok.  The good thing is that there are great memories of the past, which should be cherished.  There's no rule that everyone has to remain friends with everyone else as their lives change.  I believe this is why God brings us different people for the different seasons of our lives.  My hope is to hold on to good memories, but to invest in friendships of people who want a relationship with me and my family.

I am hopeful that others can see from that perspective of growing up.  We all need to be aware of how each of us has changed individually, and how are priorities in life have changed.  Instead of being upset by the differences, we should all focus on the wonderful possibilities that face us with the new relationships that come our way in the forever changing seasons of life.

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