Friday, March 30, 2012

I've got to brag on my brother, Tyler!

My brother is simply amazing!  He has grown up into such a great man.  Last night, our family attended the 1st Annual Banquet for the Southern Appalachian Branch of the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA).  Now, I don't know much about deer or controlling them, but I do know that my brother has a heart for conservation and "managing God's creation" (as was said during the invocation delivered by my Dad, Dave Dupree).  Tyler has a passion for working in creation.  He also has the goal to involve more people in awareness of what's going on in nature.
Me and Tyler
The QDMA has been around for 25 years (if I remember correctly), but they have never had representation in this area.  In January, Tyler started working to create the Southern Appalachian Branch.  That is no small undertaking.  Working together with others, Tyler planned and executed an awesome banquet!  There were tables of donated items for silent auction.  There were some pretty big raffle items (guns, bow, other deer stuff).  The banquet was at the Asheville Firemen's Training Camp (shout out to Mark Nix for letting that happen).  It was beautiful.  The building sits right on the French Broad River, surrounded by trees, and all of God's splendor!
The YUMMY cake...way to go, Sam's Club!
The food at the banquet was perfection!  Good ol' Carolina BBQ with all of the fixins'.  If ever you are in the need for some good food, please check out Wally's Backwoods BBQ!  Everyone enjoyed the food and Wally himself is a great guy!
Hello, BBQ!  GREAT JOB, Wally's Backwoods BBQ!
I am so proud of Tyler!  He has found something he cares about and understands and is working hard to include other people.  The QDMA is all about research, education, advocacy, certification, and hunting heritage (REACH...clever, eh?).  Even if you're not a hunter, the QDMA is an organization worth checking into.  Check out their Google Profile and/or their Facebook Page.
Britney and Tyler Ross

Wouldn't you listen to this guy?

My silent auction winnings...Whitetail Whiskey Goody Box, whiskey not included, so don't judge or worry!

Titus, Aunt Britney, and Cecely...Britney did a lot of work to help Tyler out.

Mama and Dad

He's so important, he has to take calls during a banquet!

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