Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Little Bit About Titus...

Titus, March 2012

Titus is my other miracle.  He is a delightful gift from the Lord.  When I learned that I was expecting again, I was elated!  Cecely had been such an easy pregnancy, but a scary delivery, and I was hoping that baby number 2 would be easy on all accounts.  I have Chron's Disease, and when it is active and a person becomes pregnant, the disease will stay active.  With Cecely, I was fortunate to have been in remission.  When Titus was conceived, my Chron's was full-blown.  I was losing incredible amounts of blood.  I was continually sick. 

Early in the pregnancy, we learned I was carrying twins.  Again, I was through-the-roof excited!  I was going to doctors on a weekly basis for the babies and for my illness.  The gastro doctor I went to in the small town of Kingsland, GA was horrible!  He was negative from the get-go.  He told me that my health was too poor to carry one child, let alone twins.  I would go from appointment to appointment feeling full of desperation. 

A few months into my second pregnancy, my wonderful friend, Kelley, took me to a doctor's appointment because Mark was still in the Navy and was stationed an hour away in Mayport, FL.  He wasn't able to make all of my appointments.  I remember sitting on the examining table preparing to listen to the heartbeats of my babies.  Instead, I was told that the latest ultrasound showed I had lost one twin.  Some people say it was so early in the pregnancy, that it wasn't a big deal.  As a Christian, I believe at life at conception...SO, I believed I had 2 living beings in me.  Losing one baby was devastating, but I had an amazing support system to keep me sane.  I was immediately placed on bed rest.  Mark and Kelley were simply marvelous.  Together, with Kelley and her hubby, Shane, Mark and I led the College and Careers Group for our church.  I remember having several Bible studies and game nights at our home, so that I could still participate and remain on bed rest.  I am BEYOND thankful for those sweet memories!

When my water broke with baby number 2 (whom we had named Ayden), I figured it would be the same as with Cecely...her labor was a LONG one.  I got up and got in the shower.  Big mistake.  My contractions were coming so fast, that I spent my shower doubled over!  Mark rushed me to the hospital, Kelley and some other friends met us there.  Kelley, Mark, and another friend, Joy, were with me in the delivery room.  My doctor couldn't get there in time, because this baby was ready to move.  The P.A. delivered him...this delivery was wonderful and easy.

Baby Boy Fore was placed in my arms.  When Mark and I looked at his little face, we knew "Ayden" wasn't the name for him.  After several hours of deliberation, we named him Titus John-Mark...Titus (book of the Bible and sounds similar to my brother, Tyler), John (after my other brother, John Timothy, as well as my surrogate grandfather), and Mark (after his daddy, my hubby, Mark).  Let me tell you, Titus is definitely a Titus.  No other name would fit this little boy.

Titus is an extremely intelligent young man.  He loves to learn, ask questions, and explore.  He has a sense of humor that rivals many adults'.  He has a kind heart and cares deeply about others.  He and Cecely make a great team...I am so thankful for the miracles God has blessed me with!

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