Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Kids Are Growing Up...And I DON'T Like It!!!

Last weekend, the kids and I decided we would tackle the rubbermaid totes full of spring and summer clothes.  We have been having some warm temperatures around here, and it was time to break out the shorts and t-shirts.  I had 2 HUGE totes filled with clothes.  We laid everything out on the floor and sorted it all by size and item.  Then, it came time for the runway portion of the day.  My kids are in no way like me in this sense...they love to try on clothes.  I hate it...always have...but these kiddos have the grandest time going through outfits.  The outcome: Titus scored about 10 gray shirts and 3 pairs of shorts, and Cecely scored...NOTHING.  She had completely outgrown everything.

This past weekend, we had a coupon for Kohl's so we decided we would get the kids some spring/summer clothes.  Mark and I picked out at least 15 items for Cecely to try the size we thought she would wear, a 7/8 or medium.  Newsflash, my 8 1/2 year old needed size 10/12 at Kohl's!  Cecely is not at all chubby.  She is lean and tall and built exactly like my beautiful sister, Andrea.  However, going back to the racks and getting the bigger size KILLED me.  Not only that, but Cecely has started to "develop" a bit.  I have been having her wear camisoles under her tops everyday, then I moved on to camisoles with the extra liner.  Now, we have moved to beginner bras...however, thankfully because of some wonderful person in the advertising/labeling part of the business, these items are called "crop tops", which somehow made it a little easier to buy.  Mark and I both struggled in the dressing room of Kohl's.  Our sweet little girl is turning into a sweet little lady.

This past Friday, I had a different reminder of how my kids are growing up.  We attend church at Biltmore Baptist.  We are a part of the East Campus extension church which meets every Sunday on the campus of Asheville Christian Academy in Swannanoa.  Our family pastor has asked for volunteers to help serve lunch to the staff of ACA as a "thank you" for allowing us to use their awesome facility to reach out to the community.  I let our family pastor know that I would be happy to help as long as the kids could come with me.  He was excited about all of us serving together.  When we arrived at the campus, Cecely and Titus jumped in to help unload food from the caterers truck.  Cecely helped set out tables and food.  She helped fill cups with ice.  She quickly bonded with the wonderful staff member who was helping us put things together.  While the staff were eating, Titus came to me and asked what he could do to help, so we started cleaning up a little.  I looked up, and Cecely was walking around to the people offering refills on their water cups.  In that moment, I was struck with such a sense of pride as to what amazing, helpful, kindhearted people my children are growing into!

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