Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Day 2012

McLean and Titus
Easter is such a fantastic day!  It is a day those of us who believe in Jesus celebrate His miraculous resurrection from the grave!  Hallelujah!!!  This Easter was a wonderful day for our family.  We started off at church where we had 2 services for the first time! !
Getting ready for some praise and worship time in Amp.

We had a BIG crowd!
After service was over, the church hosted and "Egg Scramble" for the children.  They raced through the field and collected eggs.  AND, they scored awesome goody bags on the way out!
Egg Scramble!

Running around like crazy!

Grandad, Grana, Titus, and Cecely

Cecely and Titus



Dyeing Easter eggs.


On an egg hunt!

Look, Titus, look!

Grana and Cecely counting the money from Cecely's eggs.

A bonus to our Easter was a visit from Uncle Chip and Aunt Denise...2 of our favorite people!!!
Playing cars with Uncle Chip.

I promise, she was laughing...

Aunt Denise, Titus, Uncle Chip, and Cecely

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