Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Springtime Zoo Visit

Titus and Cecely with the Elephant

Springtime is the perfect time to get out of the house and explore!  Last Friday, Cecely, Titus and I went on a zoo adventure with our friends Mandy and baby Nolan.  Living in Western NC has some perks...we're not far from many awesome places!  We took a little road trip down to the Greenville Zoo.  I've visited many zoos, and this one is a favorite.  It is a smaller zoo, so it's not too overwhelming for the kiddos.  The zoo is almost completely covered in shade from the beautiful trees.  The price is reasonable.  There is also an amazing covered playground right outside of the zoo grounds.  This is a GREAT place for a day trip!  The following are some pictures from our day at the zoo.  Note, we're all wearing our tie-dye shirts that we made at our St. Patrick's Day party...
Nolan was "wild" about the zoo...obviously!

The amazing spider monkey!

Spider monkey family.

We're a groovy bunch!

I thought these guys looked sweet, but kind of creepy.

We love giraffes!  Incredible!

King of the Jungle

Titus, Me and Cecely

"We called him Tortoise because he taught us"--Gene Wilder from Alice in Wonderland

The baby orangutan was a show-stopper!

Here's the Mama talking with my kiddos.

The Daddy was worn out...although he looks dead, but he's not, don't worry!

My super-cool kids!

Mandy the Adventurous!

The NOISY Gibbons!

Great memories from a great day!

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