Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Titus' 6th Birthday Party

The birthday boy!

Titus will be 6 years old on April 27th.  We had a small birthday party for him at our house this past Saturday.  On his actual birthday, we will be going out of town to Gatlinburg, TN for his birthday trip.  Titus requested Angry Birds cupcakes with green icing and Klondike bars.  We had some of our close friends come over to celebrate with us.  What is so funny is that for the past five years, I have made sure that Titus has had no weapons...this year, the kid got an arsenal!  Everything from Light Sabers to Nerf Rifles!  We all had fun spending time with our friends and were able to let the kiddos play outside!  It was a GREAT day!
Tanner and Titus

Cecely, Nolan, and Me

The Testas

The Duprees



Waiting to open his gifts.



Yoda stuffed animal!

Light Saber!!!

Nerf, and lots of it!

Anakin vs Darth Vader...it's ironic

The big boys figuring out the guns.

Mama-to-be, Daphne!

Looks like trouble.

Mandy and Nolan

My Mama


Grandad and Claire with the bubbles.

Sweet Nolan

McLean as General Grievous

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