Friday, July 20, 2012

Another morning from the Pacific North West....

Good morning to you, or afternoon, depending on which coast you reside.  Sadly, I didn't sleep as well last night as I did the previous, but sometimes things weigh heavy on my heart and mind making sleep evasive.  There were several things whirling around within me last night, but one was my remark as to the state of the disposition of the some of the people who live here.  I was thinking that where I grew up and live, there are churches everywhere.  Each town is home to at least twenty Baptist churches, a sprinkling of Methodist, a bit of Presbyterian, some Catholic, at least one fancy Episcopal church, and many more of varying denominations.  Here, there are churches, they are just not quite in abundance as they are in the south.  However, I realized that church is not the answer here or in the south. The answer is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  I wonder how many people here and there are living a life of drudgery with no, whether here in the the Pacific North West of Canada, or down in the South East of America, it is my job, and that of all Christians, to shine our light and show the love of can be as easy as a smile and "hello" or in depth as sharing of one's testimony.  Whatever and wherever, His love and hope need to be shared with the world.  After all, ..."God so loved the world"...not just the friendly, not just the loveable, not just Americans, not just Southerners, not just Canadians...He loves us all.  So, go share His love!

Later today, Matt, Andrea, Titus, and myself are heading out to the big city...Vancouver!  Thankfully, Matt will be driving us through the throngs of people who reside and work there.  We are going to be going to see the Vancouver Canadians play!  Titus and I are very excited!  I'll talk pictures and load them later today.  I hope each and every one of you who reads this has an excellent day and takes a moment to share a little love with the people you meet!

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