Saturday, July 21, 2012

Busy, busy, busy....

Uncle Matt and Titus in the morning...

Today was a great day in Canada.  We started the day nice and slow.  Andrea made a delicious breakfast of French toast.  After everyone was showered and dressed, we packed a lunch and hit the road.  Matt and Andrea took us to West Vancouver.  We went on a mission to find a crib for Baby Downey, and the mission was accomplished at a really neat baby store called Lusso Baby.  They were having a good promotion where the crib mattress was 1/2 off when a crib was purchased.  The crib will be in next week, but we were able to go ahead and bring the mattress home.
The crib for Baby Downey
Mama and Dad (the Duprees) have ordered all of the bedding, and then some, for Baby Downey.  It has all arrived in Washington, and we should be able to get it soon.   Yeah!  Baby Downey is going to have a sweet nursery.  It's very exciting!
The Pacific Ocean

West Van (as the locals say)
After the satisfying shopping trip, we took to the beach.  We went to Ambleside Park in West Vancouver.  From this view, you can see Stanley Park, the Lionsgate Bridge, and (what we think) was Vancouver Island.  When we arrived at the park, the clouds parted and the sun brightly shone down on us. We stretched out a blanket on the sand and had our lunch while taking in the stunning sights around us.
Andrea, Matt, & Titus

Squinting in the sun...

Soaking up the sun and loving the Pacific breeze...

Rocky beach

We drove around to another side of the park to let Titus run around for a bit on the playground.  This park was so neat.  There were ample spaces for people to grill out.  There were several birthday parties happening.  People with pets and kiddos were everywhere, including a dog in a tutu and a man with a parrot on his shoulder.  At the park, there were the standard toys and a wading pool.  Genius!  Then, there were benches tucked under shade trees where the grown ups could relax.

Lionsgate Bridge

After a romp in the park, we went through the McDs drive-thru for some ice cream then drove up a mountain to get a better glimpse of the city and ocean.  We drove up to Cypress Provincial Park .  From there, we could see all the places we had traveled in the past couple of days.  The air was crisp and cool up the mountain, and the view was nothing short of spectacular.  God certainly has a wonderful imagination to have created such a diverse landscape!
View from the top...or close to it

Titus' new knight...we couldn't resist taking a silly picture

On our drive down the mountain, Titus fell asleep.  We let him snooze while the 3 of us decided what else we would like to do.  Matt suggested IKEA, and since I had never been to one, I jumped on board, much to Andrea's disdain.  We ventured through the monstrosity that is IKEA, then proceeded to ToysRUs/BabiesRUs just to see what's what and if there were any good deals.  Sadly, there weren't, but it was still nice to look around.  From our shopping attempt, we headed to Ming and Sing, which is the best Chinese food ever!  We came home and ate.   Right now, Matt and Titus are playing a video game, Andrea is looking up baby stuff online, and I am wrapping up this blog.  I hope each of you has a peaceful evening.  Until tomorrow...

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