Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 1 in Canada

Today was a fun day in Canada.  We kept everything low-key.  Matt went to work, and Andrea, Titus and me headed to one of the cool playgrounds in their development.  Below are some pics of Titus and Andrea playing.  Afterwards, we came back to their home and had lunch.  Then, we went out to the town of Langley and visited Ralph's Farm Market.  While Andrea and Matt live in a big neighborhood, and are considered a suburb of Vancouver, it's not a long drive to get to the rural, country setting that Titus and I are used to.  There are some beautiful farms and amazing landscape to take in!  The rest of our evening is going to be spent eating dinner (citrus chicken, rice, salad) and dessert (Uncle Matt picked out a freezer full of ice cream and goodies for Titus) and relaxing.  Enjoy the pictures!  More tomorrow!

Titus standing on the balcony of the Downey's home.

Cool playground.

Spinning Aunt Andrea...not a good choice.

King of the mountain!


The crazy, spinny chair!

At the Farm Market

They are both so silly.

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