Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fort Langley

Today, Andrea, Titus, and myself visited the town of Fort Langley, the birthplace of British Columbia.   I would like to go back another time and spend an entire day at the actual fort and grounds as well as the quaint town.  There is a lot of historical information in Fort Langley, and I would very much like to explore all of that.  Today, however, we enjoyed a nice stroll through the town, went in to various shops including a great children's consignment shop, a toy store, a kitchen store, and a gardening store. 

There is an old depot in Fort Langley that reminded me of scenes from Anne of Green Gable...loved it!  There were train cars to tour, but they weren't open today.  Next time, for sure!!! 

We also made a stop to see where Andrea works at Trinity Western University...so cool to get to see where she works so hard. 

***While I was working on this blog, I somehow lost about 10 pics from today between my phone and computer :-(  Oh, well, I still have some sweet pictures, and I'm ok with that.

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