Friday, July 20, 2012

Fun Night!

Tonight was a blast.  When Matt got home from work, we had pizza and salads for dinner.  Then we loaded into the car and headed to Castle Fun Park.  I have to tell you that everyday something surprises me about this area.  There are big cities littered across the landscape, and just a few miles away, there are hundreds of acres of farmland.  Tonight, we traveled into Abbotsford.  Again, a city surrounded by farms...this time, dairy farms.  When we got out of the car, the smell of cattle was a gentle reminder of my childhood.  Andrea and I used to spend many days and nights at our friends' (Angela and Andrea Hague) home which was next to the family's dairy.  While some find the smell unpleasant, I find it comforting.  It was great to be standing next to my sister and recalling so many great times we shared together as little girls. 

Amber and Andrea
Castle Fun Park is a wonderful, family-friendly place set right in the midst of so many farms.  The grounds are well-planned and lined with beautiful flowers and foliage.  Even if you weren't up for a ride on the go-karts, you could find a peaceful bench under a swaying willow tree.  However, peace was not was Titus had in mind!

Uncle Matt, Aunt Andrea, and Titus

We loaded up Titus' play card with some money, and he hit the ground running.  First, he and Uncle Matt tried the bumper cars, then shooting gallery, then pitcher's mound, and remote controlled boats.  After that, we headed upstairs to the arcade where games were $.25 and up.  Score!   The 4 of us roamed around and played games.  Andrea and I were right at home with the Skee Ball set-up.  We have spent many trips to Pigeon Forge, TN and Garden City, SC as teens to hone our awesome Skee Ball skills.  We had a great time.  After we had all spent our last cents, we pooled our electronic tickets together, and Titus picked out a stuffed lady bug, who he named Lola, and 2 Air Heads.  After that, we drove through Tim Horton's and picked up some Timbits...or donut holes.  Titus fell asleep on the drive back to the Downey's home.  He is sleeping peacefully beside me as I write this.  When I was tucking him in, he smiled and said, "Today was a fun day", and that made my heart smile!

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