Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh, Canada!

I am writing this blog from the guest room of my sister and brother-in-law's home in British Columbia!  Titus and I had an adventure getting here.  Yesterday, Mark and Cecely drove us to the airport in Atlanta, then they drove back home.  Titus and I were early, and we had some time to kill.  I had packed a bag with crayons, markers, coloring books, books to read, etc.  Titus was happily playing when a little boy (Jude, 4 years old) wondered over to us.  I talked with him and he would respond and wave.  The French gentleman sitting next to me in the waiting area said to me, "I believe he wants to play with your toys.  He is not coming over here just to look at your beautiful eyes..."  Merci, random French guy, for the compliment.  Well, little Jude sat down to play and talk, then three more kids came over to play (Rowan, Julia, and the nameless kid), so I had my own little play group happening in the waiting area.  Monsieur Frenchy was not a fan of that many kids, and he said, "Pardon me, but I must stretch my legs"...code for these kids are freaking me out!  The kids played for awhile, then I took Titus on a little walk right before the plane boarded.

Once we were on the plane (about 7:45pm Eastern Time), we loaded up our carry-ons and sat down in our seats.  I had the aisle seat and Titus was in the middle.  At the window seat was a man around my age.  Titus started asking him a million questions, and this guy (John) was a good sport.  John has lived in the Seattle area for 6 years, so we talked the entire trip about our families, jobs, the Seattle area, his fiance and other random topics.  John played with Titus and let him borrow his super cool head phones.  Having a friendly person to talk with definitely helped the time pass more quickly.  Titus stayed awake for the entire flight, until the plane started to land (10:15pm West Coast Time, 1:15am East Coast Time).  John offered to roll my carry-on suitcase while I carried Titus through the airport.  Gentlemen do exist!  John is a seasoned traveler out of Seattle, so escorted us right to the baggage claim and there we met up with Matt and Andrea!

Titus conveniently woke up at that point.  We said good-bye to John and HELLO to our Canadian family.  The 4 of us headed to the car and started the approximate 2 1/2 hour car ride to Casa de Downey.  After a pit stop for some food at McDs, we drove to Canada and passed effortlessly through the border.  Hallelujah!  Thank you, Lord, for small miracles!  We arrived at Andrea and Matt's house close to 1am (West Coast Time, 4am East Coast Time).  Matt went to bed because he had to be at work EARLY this morning.  Titus had fallen asleep in the car, and we tucked him straight away in bed.  I unpacked and got us "settled in" and by 2:30 am (West Coast Time, 5:30am East Coast Time) I was in bed.  Titus woke up bright and early at 6:45.  He and I have had showers and cleaned up our room.

On the agenda for today: keeping things easy, staying local, visiting the playground (weather permitting) and heading to the farmer's market.  Titus and I are so thankful and excited to be here, and to be able to spend time with Andrea and Matt.  While they were sleeping, I unpacked all of the goodies that Mama and Dad sent, along with some from us Fores.  I can't wait for Andrea to wake up and check it all out.  We miss Cecely.  But, I know Cecely is going to have a GREAT time with the Buckner family...(THANK YOU Shanna, Tim, Tanner, and Peyton)!!!

My plan is to post on here at least once a day while we're up here in Canada.  We learned that I can still text on my phone here, but I just can't make or receive calls.  That makes me feel a lot less anxious about being separated from Cecely, but I know she is thrilled to be getting to sleep over with her friend, Peyton.

I hope you all have an excellent day!  Take a tip from gentleman John from our plane ride, and do something nice for someone.  More to come....

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