Friday, July 20, 2012

Take me out to the ballgame, but bring a blanket!

Today we went to see the Vancouver Canadians baseball team play against the Spokane Washington Indians.  It has been a rainy, dreary kind of day, but a good day to watch a game.  Here's the deal though, I am hardly ever cold.  Seriously, since the birth of Cecely, my thermostat hasn't worked properly, and I tend to run hot.  Also, after consulting my sister, I decided not to pack tennis shoes for this trip.  Wrong!  While the weatherman said it was 66 degrees, I heartily disagreed.  Having on capris, a t shirt, a rain jacket and sandals, and competing against no sun, lots of clouds, off and on sprinklings of rain, and a chilly breeze, it felt more like 50 degrees to me.  In spite of the chilliness, we had a good time.  We enjoyed some ball park fare of hot dogs, fries, drinks, and mini was surprisingly scrumptious! 

The game was lots of fun.  I finally was able to hear the Canadian National Anthem for the first time.  Very exciting for me!  Of course, I sang along with the American National Anthem, but I was in the Canadian section, so it was more like a solo, but that's ok.  Both teams were wearing and gray/ red and black.  And, because of my limited knowledge of baseball and my ability to be easily distracted, I accidentally cheered for the Indians.  Oops.  In the midst of my incorrect cheering, I did manage to make a few people laugh and engage them in short little snippets of conversation...part of my mission to make people smile.  We all had a great time at the game and slipped out a little early to try and get a jump on the crazy Vancouver traffic.  Final score-Canadians 4, Indians 0.

Sports are exhausting!

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