Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dad's Birthday

Titus, Grandad, and Cecely
 Dad's birthday just passed a couple of weeks ago.  We had a great time celebrating with him and Mama at West First Wood-Fired Grill in Hendersonville followed by dessert at Marble Slab Creamery.

Dad is technically my step-dad, but I am not at all a fan of that word.  From the time I met Dave Dupree, I instantly liked him.  My parents had gone through a divorce, and not long after that my Daddy passed away.  I was extremely protective of my Mama, especially since she had dated a big wacko that none of us liked.  Dave asked me to meet him at Chick-Fil-A in Kinglsand, GA, where Mark and I lived at the time.  He was on his way back from a convention for worship pastors at Disney World.  I had friends staked out all over Chick-Fil-A...just to keep an eye on me so I didn't go crazy if I didn't like the man I was about to meet who was dating my Mama.  But, Dave won me over from the get-go.  He knew his audience.  He brought me a very rare pin from Disney World...yep, he knew how to win me over!  As Dave and my Mama dated, I got to know him better and better.  They lived in Columbia for the first part of their marriage, then they moved to Greer.  Once they moved, and we were able to spend more time together, I really felt that I was growing closer to him.  Dave made sure that I knew he was not trying to replace my Daddy.  He has always been kind enough to listen to stories about my childhood and my Daddy.  One day, I don't remember when, I called and left a message on their answering machine and said "Hey, Mama and Dad...".  He called me back later that day and thanked me for calling him Dad.  Since then, he has been my Dad.  He is an excellent listener and encourager.  He is a phenomenal Grandad to Cecely and Titus.  He cares about my siblings and me as if he has always known us.  He is overflowing with generosity.  And, he radiates with the love of Jesus.  It is an honor for me to call Dave Dad.  It is always a joy to be able to celebrate life with him.  I love you, Dad!
Opening birthday goodies...

A gift all the way from Canada!

A little something hand-made...

Me and my Dad

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