Friday, August 23, 2013

Show Me Your Glory!

I was completely and totally blessed this past Wednesday night.  At the main campus of Biltmore Baptist, a group of people met together to worship, to share communion, and to lift up our church in prayer.  It was such an awesome experience.  I sat a table near the back with 5 other people including the BBC East Campus Pastor, James Myers, and the incredible Mrs. Dottie who runs the bookstore and library at the main campus.  We spent time together standing, singing and offering up praise to the Lord.  Poor James...I think he was unaware of my Bapticostal tendencies.  After a time of sweet worship, we sat down and James lead us in the Lord's Prayer.  What an incredible experience to share with a small group of people, some strangers to me.  James shared out of the book of 1 Corinthians..."A man ought to examine himself before he eats of the bread and drinks of the cup..."  Wow, how convicting!  We spent some time in quiet prayer, confessing our sins to God in preparation for sharing the Lord's Supper.  James also went on to encourage us to do this with our Connect Groups and even in our homes.  That struck me right in the heart.  Why wait until a quarterly Lord's Supper?  This is something that could be done at home with my children.  I just love that image...and the possibility of the conversations that could stem from such a sacred act!  (Another Bapticostal flareup!)

BBC's lead pastor, Bruce Frank, also shared with the entire group before our time of prayer.  He read Exodus 33:12-18.  I encourage you to read this passage.  It will get you motivated to pray and pray hard!  In this passage, Moses is asking for the Lord to go with him in his task.  He ends the passage by saying "Now show me your glory..."  This is the cry of the staff at Biltmore Baptist for our church and the people we serve and strive to reach.  I am so honored to be on that staff...I oftentimes can't believe that I am!  What a joy and blessing to work in an environment that fervently prays for people!  I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

I want to share with you the prayer guide we used Wednesday evening.  I would love if you felt lead to lift up our church.  But, I also encourage you to do this for wherever you worship.  All churches would benefit from some heartfelt cries to the Father...

Sunday, August 25th--It's Not Over Sermon Series
Pray that:
  • Biltmore members will invite their unchurched friends
  • God will transform lives and people will be saved
  • People will get involved in a Connect Group
  • Our confidence of how BIG God is will grow!
  • God would show us His glory (Ex. 33:18)
Franklin Campus launch this Sunday
Pray for:
  • Many lost and unchurched people to be in attendance at Franklin on Sunday
  • Continued growth, unity and harmony as Franklin Campus leadership and volunteers reach the lost and unchurched of their area
  • Franklin Staff: Patrick Trawick, Campus Pastor; Shane Schauer, Worship Leader; Nathan Farris, Family Pastor
East Campus
Pray for:
  •  Continued growth, unity, and harmony, as East Campus leadership and volunteers reach the lost and unchurced of their area;
  • The birthing of new Connect Groups;
  • East Staff: James Myers, Campus Pastor; Lucas Parry, Worship Leader; KEvin Wimbish, Family Pastor; Amber Fore, Children's Director; Chuck Freeman, Minister in Residence; Samantha Carnahan, Assistant.
College Venues
Pray for;

  • Jeremy Woods and the College leadership team as Biltmore continues to meet on the campus of WCU and prepare to launch our second college venue at UNCA this Sunday night!
  • The lives of college students to be transformed by the Gospel at each of these Biltmore venues;
  • Expanded internship program

Compelled Global Missions
Pray for:
  • Continued passion and vision to reach people for Christ in our Jerusalem, Jedea, Samareia and the ends of the earth
  • God to reveal how He wants to use Biltmore through prayer, giving, and participation in these mission efforts
  • God to guide Biltmore in our strategic partnerships in Kenya and Guatemala

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