Friday, September 20, 2013

My Favorite at the Moment...

At the moment, this is my favorite worship song.  Maybe with the newly discovered knowledge of my Love Languages (2nd being Physical Touch), it makes sense that this song tugs on my heart.  I crave to be held in the arms of someone who loves me.  This song helps me redirect that desire to be held in the arms of Jesus.  Wow!  Look at this song...word for word...listen to the words...say them, sing them...whatever it takes for you to connect with Him!
Every line of this song rings with truth...He is good, I am not.   He is love, He is Light, He is Hope!  Oh my goodness, if nothing else, during this season, my hope in Him has been completely restored.  I am so grateful He has taken away all my sins--past, present, and future! WOOOOOO!  He is Peace...OH YES HE IS!!!  He is True, He is Joy, He is Life!  Come on!  I hope your close to shouting right now!  
When I think of all the pain, hurt, humiliation, rejection, and struggles life allows, I get overwhelmed.  I want to shut down, give up, and run away.  But, when I am reminded of how He is moving in my life, I am ashamed for doubting.  
Right now, the part of this song that just humbles me and fires me up is: "You are here, in Your presence I'm made whole.  You are God, You are God of all else I'm letting go..."  What freedom!  He is with me in every moment of every day!  When I am happy and dancing, He's there with me.  When I'm balled up on the bathroom floor or hiding under my covers, He is with me.  Nothing else matters in comparison to His love for I can let it all go!  That is my goal and the desire of my let go of all that is holding me down and to run as hard as I can into His strong, loving, supportive and ever-open arms!
Forever Reign- Hillsong
You are good, You are good When there's nothing good in me You are love, You are love On display for all to see You are light, You are light When the darkness closes in You are hope, You are hope You have covered all my sin
You are peace, You are peace When my fear is crippling You are true, You are true Even in my wandering You are joy, You are joy You're the reason that I sing You are life, You are life, In You death has lost it's sting
[Chorus]  Oh, I'm running to your arms, I'm running to arms The riches of your love Will always be enough Nothing compares to Your embrace Light of the world forever reign
You are more, You are more Than my words will ever say You are Lord, You are Lord All creation will proclaim You are here, You are here In your presence I'm made whole You are God, You are God Of all else I'm letting go
//My heart will sing no other name Jesus, Jesus//

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