Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Muse is Gone...

When my mind is full and going a hundred different directions at break-neck speeds, I typically find that writing helps me.  Sitting on my bed with my laptop in front of me forces me to sit still, to be quiet, and to streamline my thoughts.  I usually write when my "muse" is with me.  I will have a thought pop into my mind and there it will stir and change and grow into an idea.  Then, I can sit down and write for an hour about whatever the muse has brought me.  Lately, I have found that my muse is taking leaves of absence.  I have so much going on in my brain, but I cannot sit still and focus.  I feel like I need to be "doing" something.  When the muse is out for a smoke break, I stare at the blank screen and cannot conjure up one notion worth sharing.  In case you can't tell from my ramblings, the muse is out at the moment. 

I made a comment once on Facebook that my muse was on vacation.  My dear friend (who is an excellent writer) commented that when those moments happen, write anyway.  Take your thoughts on a different path.  I typically write about my kids, our little family, or whatever is going on in my life.  I write the things that God has shown me or has impressed on my heart.  But, as I was sitting here with my fingers poised and ready to type, I remembered my friends advice...if my muse has gone on vacation, where did he go and why can't I go to?  All that to say, tonight, I'm taking a stab at writing outside of personal experience.  We'll see how it goes...

If my muse has skipped town and is living it up somewhere, I hope it is somewhere with good food.  If you know me personally, you know I'm all about eating well.  When I am fortunate enough to go on a trip, I don't want to eat at a chain, I don't want to eat something off the menu that I can prepare at home.  No, I want dining to be part of the traveling adventure.  One of my "realistic" goals in life is to go to the World Showcase at Epcot and eat my way through all of the countries represented.  I realize this isn't a life-changing goal, but it sure sounds like fun to me.  My dream is to go to Ireland one day.  I am very aware that they are not known for their culinary delights.  BUT, I do like potatoes, sausage, corned beef, and bread.  I'm sure I'll be fine.  And yes, when I go to Ireland one day, I will absolutely eat things that I will probably never eat again.  There are a couple Irish pubs in this area that I really like.  When I go, I order something different each time.  I like to think that I'm prepping for an Irish getaway. 

If my muse has left me for a trip across the pond, I hope he is smart enough to take in the natural beauty of Ireland.  I think that is one of the biggest factors drawing me to that country.  I have watched several documentaries and travel shows about Ireland.  I am simply stunned by the green, the sea, the hills, the cliffs, the winding roads...There are forests I want to explore, rocks I want to climb (when I say climb, I mean a low grade hike), waves I want to watch, cliffs I want to gaze off of, and roads I want to get lost on.  I am completely drawn to the villages and towns.  I want to walk through the villages and just listen to the rich accents.  I want to hear the sheep bleating.  And, I definitely want to hear music playing.  Who knows...I may have a knack for dancing in Ireland.  I think I should go there and find out! 

As I have confessed many times, I am not a romantic.  I am very practical.  I am constantly dancing the line of being a full blown cynic.  BUT, if my muse is spending time on the island that is Ireland, I think there is potential for romance to arise.  Obviously, I'm a girl, and while I'm not the most stereotypical lady out there, I very much want to go to a castle...any castle...shiny and fancy, old and crumbling, I don't care.  The little girl in me who still thinks there is an inkling of a chance that there is a Prince Charming out there who will one day whisk me away, really wants to see an actual castle. I have downloaded countless pictures of castles in Ireland and have used them ask desktop backgrounds from time to time.  With my romantic-mental-deficiency, castles seem to be the remedy.  (Again, I realize I am a completely crazy person and how much of this sounds comforted in knowing that I know I'm quirky).

So, I'm not sure where my muse has gone.  I hope he returns in a timely fashion.  However, I have enjoyed the break from writing on serious topics and having a few minutes to daydream...and to start looking on Groupon again for their deals on Ireland.   I like that there is a part of me (albeit a very small part) that sees hope for romance.  I like to turn my mind from all the busyness of life and to take a moment to entertain some "what if" thoughts.  And, honestly, I like to think of what food I can eat when I am walking through the villages of Ireland.  Great, now, I'm hungry...and I don't have any corned beef!  What's a girl to do?

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