Friday, September 20, 2013

Women and Worship

The Worship Center at BBC...filled with sweet ladies!
Last night was such an awesome experience.  This time last year, I went completely out of my comfort zone and am so glad I did.  Women's ministry is not my forte...there is a reason I work with kiddos.  Large groups of women scare me to death.  When I heard about The Gathering at Biltmore Baptist Church last year, I wanted to go and was scared to go.  So, like any smart girl, I suckered some of my friends into going with me.  That night made such an impression on my heart, mind, and soul.  The Gathering is a night of worship, fellowship, and testimonies...women to women.  It is overwhelming and completely wonderful.  

My Mama and Me
This year, The Gathering fell on my Mama's birthday.  As her gift, I wanted to take her to this special event.  She was gracious enough to share her birthday celebration with several other women.  I invited a few of my dear friends.  We went to dinner beforehand, then headed over to the church.
Mandy and Me...friends since elementary school (Mission Friends and Girl Scouts)
I could write forever and ever about the experience.  We are blessed at Biltmore Baptist to have incredible leadership and great resources.  My sweet friend, Kelly Williams, spearheaded the event with an army of volunteers, worship leaders, drama team, tech crew, and many, many more people.  Everything looked beautiful...from the parking lot to the lobby to the worship was just perfection! 
Britnee and Makenzie, the world's most amazing young ladies!
I was in desperate need of a night of worship, refreshment, and being around other Christian ladies.  The worship set was incredible.  The speakers spoke right to the heart.  My mind and heart were wrapped up in God's love through His Word and His people.  It was an amazing night.  But, the best, most awesome, simply marvelous factor was being surrounded by other women who were seeking that connection with the Lord as much as I was.  I stood in the back of the worship center and took a few pictures, then just let the reality of the sheer volume of women wanting Jesus soak in.  How humbling and inspiring!

My posse for the evening (minus Daphne and her Mama)

My favorite thing about the night was worshiping with some of my favorite people.  There was a moment during one of the songs where I looked at the row in front of me, and in my row on either side of me, and I was completely surrounded by people who I love and who love me.  These are people who have seen me at my ugliest, my lowest, my meanest...and they still love me!  These are people who have loved my children.  Ladies who have encouraged me, laughed with me, cried with me, and yelled with me.  Oh, my goodness, when we were singing and our hands were lifted to our Heavenly Father, I was overwhelmed with His love...and reminded of how He has placed so many in my life who love me.  I am a super blessed girl! 

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