Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

It is amazing the things children say.  What I love about my Cecely is that she is completely honest.  she is the type of kid who tells on herself.  When she and Titus get into a scuffle, I always ask Cecely what happened, to which she will tell me the play by play.  She'll say, "I pushed Titus because he wouldn't get out of my way."  To which I usually say, "Was that a good choice?"  And she says, "Nope."  And, I'll say, "So what happens next?" And she'll reply "I am going to be in trouble."  Enter the waterworks...the thing is, she tells the truth, knowing that there will be consequences.  She doesn't lie.  I love that about her.

There are other who have no problem telling a lie.  Titus likes to tell half of the truth.  I will say to him "What happened" and the response is usually that he has forgotten, he doesn't know, or he doesn't want to get in trouble.  He thinks not answering me will save him from punishment.  I'm trying to teach him that just makes things worse.

Still, there are others who just flat-out lie and try to get others in trouble.  I am thankful that Cecely has a compassionate heart and usually tries to keep others from getting in trouble.  I am grateful that she knows the importance of honesty.  I am also thankful that Titus is young enough to learn that consequences are a natural part of telling a lie, or half truth.

I wish that adults would realize these simple lessons from their children.  I wish that they would see that their children, the words they say, the character they have are a direct reflection of the kind of parents they are.  Kids tell it like it is...the thing is, they are going to tell what they have been listening to at home!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Unanswerable Questions...

I think we all struggle with times when we want answers to questions that we are not going to get on this side of heaven.  Every time I hear or read about a child being hurt, taken advantage of, or worse, I ask how could God let this happen?  When a dear life is lost I fight to see the reason behind it.  When I know people are hurting in ways that could be relieved if they could just obtain that piece they are missing, I wonder why God keeps that piece away?  When I know there are people who continually take advantage of others and intentionally cause pain in the lives of other, I wonder why they "seem" to get everything they want. 

In reality, I know these are not questions that I can answer, or that anyone here on Earth can answer for me.  I know that it really isn't mine to question these things.  But, often, my humanity overrules my spirituality, and I really battle with these kinds of questions...I feel that most people do. 

I am well-versed in the Scriptures, and believe God's Word to be true.  I know that He loves me and everyone else, and that He has a plan that I cannot even begin to conceive.  He is God, I am not.  He is sovereign, I am very ignorant.  He is loving, I am inconsistent.  In all my heart knowledge of who God is, my head knowledge still searches for answers, or at least peace.

I continue to be heartbroken over those who are hurting.  I try to think of things I can do to ease their pain...but I know my help is temporary.  I still struggle with anger over the seeming injustice of those who live life all about self.  What a sad existence. 

My hope is that I can rise above the humanness of me, remember that I am a screwed-up mess of a person, and be thankful that God is in control and I am not.  Grace has always been my creed, but currently, I am wanting to be selective about who I extend grace to...that is not at all God's plan for me.  I have a gift of grace and encouragement, and I am going to pour those gifts into the ones I love.