Friday, April 20, 2012

Fun Fraction Food Friday!!!

I do love using alliteration in a title...over the course of this week, we have been working with fractions.  The kiddos and I have used all kind of manipulatives and played different games using fractions.  We have also spent time talking about how we use fractions in real life...the most common place I find fractions is when working with food.

We also have been reading about Italy this week, and the most famous food from that country, Pizza! We've read stories, watched documentaries, and made some pizza art.

So, today, we had Fun Fraction Food Friday.  We combined our themes and made semi-homemade pizza rolls, performed fraction problems with goldfish and marshmallows, and ate a Hershey's bar 1/12 at a time.  Tonight, we are going to make a dessert pizza using chocolate chip cookie dough, strawberries, and Cool Whip!!!
Step 1: unroll crescent dough, then spread sauce

Add cheese

Roll 'em up

Time to bake!

Goldfish fraction work

See, math can be fun!

Recording data

Pizza Rolls hot from the oven


Titus has 1/12 of a Hershey's Bar in his mouth

Make that 1/6

Possibly 1/4

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