Monday, August 7, 2017

VIPKID 1st Class!

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Here's a short update about my VIPKID experience.  Last Friday, I sat down and wrote out my availability for VIPKID on my desk calendar, then went through the calendar on the VIPKID website and entered the same information.  All of the training warns that the first month is the most difficult as fas as filling up your calendar.  The more you work and reviews you earn, the more the parents will sign up for your slots.  Over the weekend, I had 6 time slots filled...not too shabby for just starting out.  (Remember, I am being paid per lesson, not hour.  My base pay is $8 with $1 bonus for starting and ending the lesson on time as well as opportunities for other bonuses.)  Payday is between the 10th and 15th, so I will keep you posted on how that works out.  My husband and I are opening a separate account just for the VIPKID transactions for a multitude of reasons, and I am not foreseeing any complications with that.

This morning, I had my first teaching experience.  I have to say, it was fun, easy, and goes by so quickly.  The little boy I worked with was all about the business of learning.  I could tell a parent was close by helping to keep him on task.  But, he was a delight.  The powerpoint lesson was easy to use. I logged in about 30 minutes early to go review the slides and pull out any of my supplemental materials that would be helpful.  Last night, in preparation, I pulled up the link to the lesson on my phone using the VIPKID app, which is very user-friendly.  I went through the slides quickly just to have a heads up.  There is also a tab on the app and the website with feedback from other teachers who have worked with each student.  That is an incredibly helpful tool!  As we went through the lesson, I kept a little notebook to the side and jotted down any notes for the next teacher (example-Student blended words well.  He struggled with the word "playground".  Student chose option 1 for his end of unit task).  During our lesson, there were a few times where the student's audio went out and one time where his camera froze.  I noted those things in the feedback as well.

So far, I am really enjoying and impressed with this experience.  I have been invited to an online certification workshop to expand my opportunities with VIPKID.  I have joined the "Hutong" community where VIPKID staff and teachers dialogue and have fun challenges to complete.  Basically, anything they send to me, I try.  If you are interested in working from home, have a Bachelor's degree and a love for kiddos, then I would definitely encourage you to learn more about VIPKID.  I am happy to answer any questions I can, and I look forward to sharing the journey with you!  (If you want to help me make a little $, use this referral link!)

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